🎄 Bounty Program Instructions: The Twelve Nodes of CPXmas 🎄

The holiday season is upon us, and here at APEX we would like to celebrate this season of giving by launching the Twelve Nodes of CPXmas! Starting today it’s time to pull on your Christmas sweaters and get into the spirit of the season by taking part in our great Bounty line-up. Each of our Bounties gives you the chance to earn Raffle Tickets for our BIG giveaway raffle with a whopping total of 500,000 CPX up for grabs!

🎄 How does the Raffle work

Participation in each bounty below earns you the corresponding number of tickets assigned to that task. This means that you can choose a task that you are interested in — or take part in them all for a greater chance of winning a prize! At the end of the Bounty period, December 20th, all tickets earned will be collated to Santa Hu’s Nice List and a random prize draw will take place between Dec 20th and Dec 25th 2018.

🎄 Total Raffle Giveaway — 500,000 CPX

Prizes will be split into the following tiers and drawn in the order listed below:

  • 12 x Data Node Winners (20,000 CPX)
  • 15 x 10,000 CPX Winners
  • 22 x 5,000 CPX Winners

🎄 Earn your Tickets!

🎅 Win 1 Raffle Ticket

Retweet The Twelve Nodes of CPXmas Gif Tweet

  1. Follow @APEXnetworkCPX
  2. Like and Retweet this tweet
  3. Submit your entry here

🎅 Win 10 Raffle Tickets

🎁 Twitter

  1. Follow @APEXnetworkCPX
  2. Write a tweet about the launch of APEX launching their Testnet including the tags $CPX $APEX #CPXmas. Ideas may include the option to deploy your own Testnet Node, the upcoming Phase 2 launch or the Block Explorer.
  3. Submit your entry here

🎁 Graphics and creative writing

  • “APEX Network Poem/Prose/Lyrics” — actual songs are welcomed or CPXmas jingles
  • Create a “APEX Network Christmas graphic”
  • “All I Want For CPXmas is Hu” — Write a creative letter to Santa Hu
  • Create a CPXmas Sticker/GIF/Meme


  1. Follow @APEXnetworkCPX
  2. Tweet your submission, including the tags $CPX $APEX $CPXmas.
  3. Submit your entry here
  4. Each community member can submit a maximum of three contributions for each category that will count towards earning raffle tickets

🎁 Quiz

CPXmas Quizzes — During the Bounty period our great team of Admins will hold spontaneous quizzes for your enjoyment in our official Telegram Channel, with winners earning 10 tickets for the Raffle.

🎅 Win 25 Raffle Tickets

The three best submissions for the following categories (Discussed under the 10 Ticket Bounty) will win an additional 25 raffle tickets for their submission (judged by the APEX team)

  • Apex Network Poem/Prose/Lyrics
  • Apex Network Christmas graphic
  • All I Want For CPXmas is Hu
  • CPXmas Sticker/GIF/Meme

All submissions received will be judged by the APEX team

🎅 Win 75 Raffle Ticket
Node Deployment on Apex Network’s Testnet


  1. Deploy a node on the Apex Network testnet
  2. Submit a link to some screenshots proving your unique node deployment here
  3. Only one test node per person grants Raffle Tickets
  4. Test Node Deployment Documentation can be found at; https://www.apexnetwork.io/en/testnet/index.html

Good luck and a happy CPXMAS !

Disclaimer — In order to bring joy and the spirit of Christmas to as many APEXIANS as possible, we are limiting the winnings to one prize per person. Any suspicion of manipulation or foul play may result in disqualification at the discretion of APEX Network. APEX Network reserves the rights to change aforementioned terms and conditions at their discretion.

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