Kratos One — Final Wave | Reward Program

We are glad to announce that the third and final wave of the KRATOS One special node program is here. A similar process and set of rules apply for the previous wave — we suggest following the instructions below to properly receive the 3rd wave of rewards.

Additionally, it is most likely that there will be additional special node program(s) before Mainnet launch, of which details and format will be announced after KRATOS One concludes.

KRATOS One — Wave 2 Remainder Rewards

For those who qualified for T1 and Genesis nodes in the previous wave (Wave 2), the cross-chain portion of the rewards (UCN, or UCN+ATLS) will be replaced by CPX rewards after reconsideration based on community feedback.

  • T1 holders that qualified for UCN will receive 1000 CPX additional as replacement
  • Genesis holders that qualified for UCN+ATLS will receive 3000 CPX additional as replacement

The remainder of Wave 2 in CPX will be distributed before end of business on Wednesday October 31st to the CPX staking address used at the time.

Wave 3 — Instructions

  • The snapshot for the 3nd wave of KRATOS One will be taken on Tuesday October 30th, 6pm Beijing time (10am UTC).
  • One week later from October 30th , there will be a reward claim functionality within the newest release of APEX Wallet, which the participant needs to use/activate to qualify for the reward(s). There is no requirement for minimum amount of CPX stored within the user’s APEX Wallet to qualify. The reward claim function will ask the user for the CPX staking address. 
    Note 1: To be eligible for CPX rewards, participants should hold at least the same tier starting from the snapshot till the time of claiming.
    Note 2: Participants do not need to hold CPX in the APEX wallet for claiming
  • Reward tiers are as follows:

We thank everybody for their continued support.