Brian Kelly Capital Management Announced as Fourth Apex Partner Fund: An Interview with BKCM Founder and CEO Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly | Source: CNBC

1. What is your background? What brought you to the crypto space?

I am formerly a global macro investor with a specialty in spot foreign currency. I got into the crypto space in 2013 after realizing Bitcoin/Blockchain and digital currencies were going to change the entire financial system.

2. What is your fund strategy?

We actively manage our fund of digital currencies.

3. What do you benchmark against? How have you performed relative to this benchmark?

We benchmark against Bitcoin. In 2017, the fund was up about 4x bitcoin.

4. How do you analyze new investment opportunities? What is your fund process?

We use a top down macro framework to analyze the crypto currency landscape, and then we drill down into the digital assets that we believe express our macro view best.

5. What projects are you excited about?

We are investors in Cosmos and are very excited about the main net launch.

6. What are some of the technological trends you are watching in 2018?

The two big themes we see are securities tokens and multi Blockchain interoperability.

7. What are your projections for the market in 2018?

We continue to see strong interest from institutional investors.

8. Why did you want to be apart of Apex Token Fund?

We love the idea of using this new technology to democratize investing.

Apex updates for the week of 1/15:

Private PreSale Announcement:

We are excited to announce that our Private Pre-Sale will begin on Friday, January 19th, at 8pm UTC. If you have completed our KYC process, please visit at that time to participate. If you have not completed the KYC process, please go to to pre-register. For more information on the Private PreSale, join our telegram group here.

Addition of new countries:

We have been diligently working with our legal team to make as many countries available while adhering to the laws of each individual jurisdiction. More countries will be added to this list for the Public Pre-Sale and Public Sale as they are cleared by our legal counsel. This week, we have been successful in adding the following countries: Hungary, Isle of Man, Japan, Jamaica, and Switzerland

Learn More:

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