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Welcome again to APEX Blog

We are back with our blog and ready to keep you up-to-date about new investments and developments of our portfolio companies.

BUILT THE NEXT GENERATION OF WORLD’S LEADING COMPANIES — This is the driving mission of APEX Ventures, a European Deep Tech focused VC fund. We invest in companies that are centered around a meaningful scientific discovery or unique engineering innovation. We look for enabling technologies – such as machine learning and blockchain – that can be implemented in various industries. We primarily invest in pre-seed and seed stage companies with a ticket size ranging from 300k to EUR 500k.We also participate in the follow on rounds.

With APEX VENTURES we give aspiring entrepreneurs and founders capital to reach crucial milestones on the way to becoming the category defining leaders in their respective industries. We see ourselves as a long term business partner who acts as a company builder to our portfolio companies. With a hands-on approach, we provide expertise and active support to further develop these young companies. APEX Ventures hands on assistance is based on the expertise of the managing partners. We strongly believe that we can make a good contribution to the European ecosystem of innovation by pushing companies, which provide technological novelities. Check out our website apex.ventures for further information about our philosophy.

To give you some further insights in products and solutions, which already convinced the APEX team, we want to introduce the first 3 investments we did as APEX One. Describing the technology enabled and the reason for our investment, will further explain the philosophy of APEX.

HAAWK — Copyright management and monetization solutions

Copyright holders need solutions to enforce their rights and monetize unlicensed copyright use. Due to the increase in the user bases on various digital platforms over the last several years, protecting music from being illegally distributed remains a key priority for the music industry. However, digital platforms on its own struggle to return the value for music & content creators. HAAWK provides the solution and collects music, video and synchronization royalties owed to copyright owners on digital networks such as YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. The platform distributes audio and video content to multiple portals at once, easing the technical burden on creators. This unique technology convinced the APEX Team and led to the first investment in July 2017. Trending now is there new self-service business for rights management called identifyy. Visit www.haawk.com!

KIVU — The Future of Data Intelligence

This Vienna based deep tech company has found a way to analyze complex networks significantly faster than any other graph computing platforms. The initial use case for the developed technology is social media network analysis to prevent terrorists from successfully radicalizing and recruiting via social media. To tackle this problem in a novel way, KIVU implemented the fast graph computing platform for network analysis that reveals threats, patterns and trends without requiring any technical knowledge from a customer side. Customers can subscribe to KIVU’s unique hosted analytical platform, which enables them to access real-time data and analysis. Furthermore, the KIVU platform provides the infrastructure for collecting any type of data. In addition, the simple customer inferface enables a smart data interaction. Just recently the team figured out the new use cases for their product and opened this great software to a larger audience of B2B clients. KIVU is an excellent tool for social-media marketing agencies. With KIVU they can analyze their network in an easy and fast way and optimize their workflows! Check out kivu.tech!

AVINEW — Insurance Solution for Autonomous Vehicles

“Insurance companies should reward customers fo buying safer cars”. This is the belief of the founders AVINEW. This team developed an insurance solution for individual vehicle owners and OEMs for autonomous vehicles. Autonomous technology is driving a massive shift in risk and therefore insurance costs have to be adapted. AVINEW is an expert in claiming judgement using their artificial intelligence based technology and insurance expertise to create the industry standard for the future. The platform is integrated into the sensors of the cars and can create risk profile at any given time for the driver and for the car. This helps to determine a fair insurance premium. It is expected that by 2030, one in four cars on the road will be self-driving. Therefore, the industry needs a timely solution which will save billions of dollars through improvements in claims payments, claims handling, and acquisition costs. This concept convinced the APEX team in January 2018 and led to the 3rd investment. Visit avinew.com!

Stay tuned and see you next time with an introduction to our other portfolio companies!

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