Invitation to participate to API on-boarding research — interviews of API consumers


API Economy Hacklab is a researcher community focused on practical API Economy research. Most of the researchers are involved in API design, development or management product development. We share the passion towards APIs but also want to contribute to science by conducting academic research which has practical value for API stake holders. More detailed plan is available at

Focus of this research

This small research will focus on the API onboarding process. Taking API into use is always learning experience for the application developer. It’s a process which most likely can be modelled much like customer journey. This research will not try to catch the whole API consuming process which starts from taking API into use for the first time to “abandoning” of the API. We’ll focus on the part in the beginning until the first usage of the API in own code and following steps after that.

Wanted participants

For this research we are looking for API consumers (application developers) who have at least some experience in taking APIs into use. You can be hard core API consumer doing it professionally or hobby consumer — or something in between.

How to participate?

You want to be part of the research? Excellent! Contact us (see below) and we’ll arrange online interview with you. The interview will be recorded for research purposes only. Your privacy and identity is not going to be shown to anyone and the recordings are not shared publicly. Recordings are destroyed after analysis.

We aim to do all interviews during Sept-Aug 2017


We have initial timetable for the research. Timing of the phases might change.

  • We aim to do all interviews during Aug-Sept 2017. Length of this phase depends on the interviews.
  • Analyse results by end of Oct 2017
  • Publish first results in Nov 2017.
  • Finalise the article for academic journal by end of Dec 2017.


In the first phase results are published in API Economy Hacklab website. After that results are refined to meet the standards of academic publication. Finally the article is pushed to selected journals (preferably open access).

Conducting organisation and researchers

This research is conducted by Peer to Peer driven independent API Economy Hacklab. API Economy Hacklab is not part of any university. Instead it is group of researchers from various countries and organisations. Responsible researchers in this onboarding process research are: