Events are Everywhere where there are APIs

Matthias Biehl
Mar 1, 2018 · 1 min read

Let me show you what I mean, when I say, events are everywhere where there are APIs:

  • Payment API: An event notifies when the payment was processed.
  • SMS API: An event notifies when the SMS is delivered.
  • Email API: An event notifies when the email was opened.

Almost every API can become better by supporting events. But events are not natively supported by the REST architectural style which is used by most APIs. It requires some heavy lifting and engineering to create an event infrastructure that is developer-friendly, easy to use, reliable, secure and highly available.

What are the best practices for supporting events in RESTful APIs?

Check out the recently released Webhooks Book. It is packed with best practices on many technical aspects. And it contains concrete design templates to help you extend your API portfolio with a modern event infrastructure based on webhooks. So you can offer both APIs and events that developers love to use.

Originally published at API-University.

API University

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Matthias Biehl

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API University

APIs your consumers will love |

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