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API3 Operations Update: February 2022

While much of the Operations team efforts are ongoing and thus repetitive to report on each month, it is notable that activities outlined in prior updates are continuing to make improvements in vertical inter-connectivity and information relay which is becoming more apparent as we are able to put more dedicated focus on more specific areas.


Thank you to everyone who came out to ETHDenver to celebrate with us as we officially announced our Beacon launch! The in-person event was a blast and we look forward to seeing continued involvement in the digital conference through the next month.


The Operations team has begun coordinating with the Core Development team to build out specific process-oriented parts of the Beacon framework. These efforts are still in the early stages, but the extent of the Operation team’s involvement will continue to be outlined as they develop.

CRM Transition

This month has been a full submersion into Monday.com and the team seems to be excited for the flexibility and user-friendliness of the platform. Majority of the API3 team — including Marketing and Integrations — is fully onboarded and have had the chance to build their own workflows in a way that is optimized for their team. As we move the rest of our processes into the new CRM, we anticipate even easier data entry to support inter-vertical transparency.

Ongoing Matters

We are continuing work with Armanino on accounting processes and service agreement structures as well as other continuously relevant Operational items including regulatory liability mitigation, privacy compliance, and backend maintenance.



API3 is leading the movement from legacy third-party oracle networks to first-party oracle solutions that deliver more security, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and simplicity. Learn more: api3.org or join our community at https://discord.com/invite/qnRrcfnm5W

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