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API3 Operations Update: January 2022

Emily Cockley
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2 min readFeb 3, 2022


API3 Member Onboarding

With changing needs in business development and integrations, we have provided support in the transition of two team members to roles more suited to their skillsets.

  • Luis Superlano has developed his technical knowledge of Airnode while on the integration team and will now be using that knowledge to grow LOI capture on the BD-API team.
  • With the integrations team consistently adapting to the needs of the core development team, they have added Vinny Chen to take on the Deployment Engineer position.

Both have been onboarded this month and we welcome them and their contributions to API3!


Excitement for ETHDenver is building as we get closer to the event. To ensure it is a successful networking and marketing event, there has been considerable effort from the operations team in ensuring event logistics are planned and executed. The operations team was also crucial in documenting and memorializing agreements with Amberdata for the Beacons that will be made available to developers at ETHDenver, and going forward.


A collection of team updates has been added to the API3 Medium page. Visit the API3 DAO tab to access published team updates. We also had the opportunity to be hosted on the Fortune Teller podcast. Check out On-Chain Insurance with Mason Burkhalter.

CRM Transition

Last month, we identified a CRM which will give the teams more flexibility in how they conduct their outreach, record their efforts, and will also help to streamline our reporting. Monday is a platform with sufficient native integrations so that we can collect data from various places without relying on every team member to use the platform in order to show meaningful data. It’s CRM interface will provide a structured data entry point for those who prefer it for their day-to-day operations. There are also marketing features Monday provides that we will explore to consolidate tools in their vertical. This transition will be executed in February.

In the meantime, we will be working closely with Account Managers, Marketing, and Business Development to ensure processes are tailored and gaps are filled during this time of transition.

Ongoing Matters

We are continuing work with Armanino on accounting processes and service agreement structures as well as other continuously relevant Operational items including regulatory liability mitigation, privacy compliance and backend maintenance. To build on the momentum of Bitcoin Bankathon, we are pursuing relationships with LatAm service providers and licensed entities to further develop our open banking presence. Finally, the Operations team continues its work supporting the Enterprise and BD teams with bespoke proof-of-concept and product test agreements with several large legacy data providers. See prior updates for further details.