Build With API3 at Sovrython

Ryan Boder
Jun 2 · 2 min read

Sovrython, Sovryn’s 6 week hackathon using the API3 Airnode to bring DeFi data into Bitcoin smart contracts, kicks-off June 4th.

Not only does Sovryn represent the inception of the potent Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem, it’s your first opportunity to build with API3 and win great prizes in the process.

What will YOU build with API3?

Want to participate? Join the API3 Builder Discord and jump in the conversation. You’ll get support directly from API3 and the community. And don’t forget to sign up at Gitcoin.

Have an idea you want built? We want to hear it. Submit here to share it with Sovrythoners. Your idea might get selected as a project. Possibilities range from apps using pre-integrated APIs, to integrating new APIs, to improving Airnode itself. Be creative!

The pre-integrated APIs available for Sovrython include:

Finage: A wide range of market data for both traditional and crypto assets.

Heimdall: Social scores for crypto assets. It’s true community interaction no matter the coin performance, it’s the hype and the dump, it’s smart and in real-time.

Together, API3 and Sovryn will be providing $50,000 of prize money to Airnode-powered winning projects, and an additional $100,000 in potential grant funding for projects that fit API3’s long term vision of providing data and bringing this key infrastructure to Bitcoin.

In addition to the $500k from Sovryn, prizes from API3 are as follows:

First — $25k
Second — $15k
Third — $5k
Judge’s Choice — $5k

Come build with us!

To be eligible for the prizes, a project must satisfy one of the following statements:

  1. Demonstrating an innovative use case for an Airnode-enabled API and showing that they are capable of taking this application to production.
  2. Adding functionality to the Airnode protocol that will improve performance, interoperability, or further develop use cases.
  3. Utilize an Airnode-enabled API to improve an existing application or protocol.

To start developing, see the Github issue, API3 Sovrython Starter, Airnode Starter, dAPI configuration explorer, and join us in Discord.

More information can be found on the API3/Sovryn partnership announcement and the official Sovrython announcement.

Sovrython will start on the 4th of June 2021 at 12PM UTC.

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