Kasun Dananjaya Delgolla — a role model for software enthusiasts

When one of our alumni flies high, our happiness levels soar! Take a bow Kasun, on your progress in the industry. The work you put in to ensure your knowledge is shared to develop the Sri Lankan software community is exemplary.

Kasun Delgolla is the Head of Mobile Innovation & Development at RiverviewB2B. Riverview is a global specialist services agency that helps the largest Fortune500 IT companies be more effective and increase productivity with their Partner Sales Channels. They are recognized as the leading agency with regard to innovation and forward thinking in the industry. They work with IT companies such as Cisco, Dell, Juniper Networks, PayPal and others globally and regionally. Riverview Sri Lanka boasts of the best development team company wide.

In his exciting role, Kasun leads mobile based developments and innovations; building products that help Riverview become a leader in its arena. He’s spearheading research and innovations to build products that can make a difference in the B2B world. He was heading the team that built a B2B platform, which is currently being used by top-notch companies such as Cisco, F5 and Juniper networks and his team is building a bunch of cool mobile applications which can add further value to them.

Kasun has been in the industry since 2011 and has a wide exposure to software development practices in one of the top companies in Sri Lanka — WSO2. He’s engaged in the full array of activities at WSO2 where he experienced customer support, engineering while leading Android Integration and management while working on enterprise Mobility Manager and loT server products. He also became a speaker on Enterprise Mobility at WSO2Con.

What’s more admirable in Kasun’s career has been his continuous effort to share knowledge and develop the Sri Lankan software industry. He’s a volunteer in many such initiatives and is an active speaker at almost all Google forums. (Google Dev Fest, Women Techmakers, IO Extended etc). He spends some time as a voluntary lecturer for the Ministry of Education Sri Lanka, training their staff and lecturers as well as ICT teachers on Mobile technology stacks.

During his 5 years in the industry, which is relatively a short span, Kasun has reached great heights. Despite leaving APIIT 5 years ago, he’s a familiar face to our students because of the knowledge sharing sessions and workshops he has been invited to conduct for us.

We are humbled by your words on your experience at APIIT and are truly proud to have been a part of your journey.

“I was able to progress to who I am today totally because of the solid foundation APIIT provided. Being able to work on a bunch of practical technical projects on most of the subjects helped understand the basics and practicality to a great extent. Another important aspect APIIT helped me in was to improve my soft skills.I can still remember how I did my first presentation. Continuous presentations helped me get rid of my public speaking phobia and made me an active speaker in a bunch of tech events. I give 100% credit to APIIT for making me a tough competitor in the field I work in.”

Kasun is a role model to any aspiring software engineering student. You can get in touch with him on linkedin at http://lk.linkedin.com/in/kasundananjaya or view his blog at http://kddcodingparadise.blogspot.com