Our Story

We started our journey at the turn of the century as a higher education institution committed to training 21st century graduates by providing a fantastic learning experience with a special focus on student care. Today, with a population of over 1100 students we are the largest provider of foreign degrees in Sri Lanka. We have trained over 2300 graduates in the disciplines of business, computing and law. We are proud of our track record of producing employable graduates with over 90% of our students securing gainful employment within 3 months of graduation.

Our ability to command respect from industry is no accident. Our ethos is simple. We nurture a 21st century graduate! There are many ingredients that go into our formula, yet the cornerstone of our success has been our commitment to the quality and standards of higher education. Add to that a modern curriculum aligned to industry needs, qualified teachers with excellent teaching skills and a deep commitment to student care, high quality education resources and ample opportunities for a rich university experience, not surprisingly our graduates stand apart from the rest.

We currently offer degrees in business, computing and law from Staffordshire University, UK. Our students study the same programme as students in the UK and the curriculum is quality assured by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) for Higher Education in the UK. This curriculum is reviewed and revised every five years to include the latest developments in the relevant discipline and to ensure that the latest industry requirements are addressed.

Having the best curriculum amounts to nothing, if it is not delivered by the best! We boast a full time faculty of highly qualified and committed lecturers. We believe that the scheduled teaching hours are just the starting point and our full time faculty guarantees that our students can count on their support at any time. We are committed to continuously improving the quality of teaching and to this end our staff undergo training on pedagogy every year.

This strong foundation of learning and support is further enhanced through our commitment to maintaining top notch learning facilities. A modern library that stocks nearly 12,000 books, computer laboratories with over 200 computers, multimedia enabled classrooms and a digital learning space are just some of the facilities at the disposal of our students. The entire campus facility is Wi-Fi enabled to ensure that the students have access to high speed internet through their own devices anywhere within the premises. Our commitment to technology empowered learning will see us implementing SMART Classrooms within the year.

We believe in a holistic education that goes beyond the classroom and the APIIT Student Activity Club ensures that the entire student body gets ample opportunity to enjoy a ‘full university life”, be it pursuing their passion for sports, music or debating or simply revelling in the many cultural and social activities planned throughout the year. Some student events such as Tantalize and Sports Fiesta are much awaited by not just the APIITians but also by university students throughout the country.

We are proud of our journey so far, where for over 15 years in higher education we have contributed to human capital development and socio-economic advancement through excellence in education, scholarship and research. Our journey ahead promises to be even more exciting, as we look to the future of our unique brand of quality higher education.