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Authtrail welcomes a vital member into the core team

Web3 believers are the ones making the ecosystem thrive — with one of the most passionate ones onboarding Authtrail, we’re set to reach the sky.

To continue leading the future of Web3 development and making adoption easy for the masses, Authtrail added an essential pillar to its core. Skills and passion are the main drivers of continuous progress and in that light, Authtrail has joined forces with a new team member that will inspire, think out of the box, and ensure the brightest trail for the Authtrail product.

A new visionary in town

Meet Nino Kutnjak, Authtrail’s new Chief Product Owner. Known for setting and achieving product vision via interdisciplinary expertise, his reputation as a Web3 visionary and a doer precedes him wherever he goes.

He proves his skillfulness with an excellent comprehension of Web3 from a technical, developmental, and futuristic standpoint. By understanding the team’s contributions and the community’s expectations in product development, he connects the dots in creating the best possible product.

As a thinker and problem solver, Nino always provides an array of astonishing solutions to his working sphere. Out of every proposed step and chosen action, his ultimate goal is to deliver value to the customer. And that is exactly what Authtrail strives for by bringing Web3 close to Web2 users and developers and even closer to Web3 specialists and builders.

The path leading to Authtrail

With a background in graphic and media technology, Nino jumped into the startup world and rolled up his sleeves in different roles, ranging from developer, CTO to startup founder. Being highly experienced in front- and back-end development, UX, marketing, and growth, the road lead him to crypto where he skyrocketed.

While working as a Chief Product Officer at ICONOMI, a digital asset management platform for users’ creation or investment in digital asset arrays, he contributed to the company’s immense growth. His guidance and dedication to continuous product improvements drove great success, making him a bright star in the evolving Web3 ecosystem.

Nino’s efforts sparked Authtrail’s attention, and the rest is history.

Adventure is his middle name

When he’s not too busy devising the future of Web3, he devotes his time to his young family. Being a semi-professional musician and guitar player in a band is just one of his hobbies. You can also find him spearfishing, trail running, or looking for the best photography light in the wilderness.

Nino, welcome aboard! We’re thrilled to have you and can’t wait to see Authtrail’s road ahead with your product vision. Judging by the work so far, we better buckle up for a crazy drive!

Want to know more about Nino and the latest happenings in the community? Tune into Authtrail’s Community Call on Telegram August 4, at 4 p.m. UTC.

Originally posted at https://authtrail.com.

About Authtrail

The Authtrail platform serves as a unified gateway to the Web3 services provided by linked Polkadot parachains. Following the multi-chain vision, Authtrail powers the transition of developers to Web3, simplifying its adoption in the real economy, and expanding its versatility as the ecosystem grows. With Authtrail, Web3 services are within reach for every developer, regardless of their background and experience with the blockchain technology.

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