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Recap: Authtrail’s first Community call

Authtrail CPO Nino Kutnjak shared his thoughts on speeding Web3 adoption and discussed all things Authtrail.

Strengthened with a new team member, Authtrail held a one-on-one live community event on Telegram, where Nino Kutnjak, Chief Product Officer, and Patrik Kogoj, Product Marketing Manager, talked about Web3’s future and Authtrail’s role in the mass adoption of decentralized Web.

Only large numbers of developers and proper tools will allow the mass adoption of Web3 to happen. Authtrail is solving this rising issue with a unique approach — bringing Web3 closer to builders by providing the whole toolbox for simplified development.

Front row seat to technology evolution

Nino and Patrik touched on various topics during Authtrail’s first Community call. Below we’ve gathered the most essential parts of their discussion.

1. What is Authtrail’s difference in approaching Web3 adoption versus Astar, Composable Finance, etc?

Nino: Polkadot Decoded conference in Berlin was my entry into Authtrail. Polkadot and Web3 are correlated; it’s all about tools. We have this powerful blockchain, Gavin Wood’s vision of Web3, and we desire to deliver Web3 as soon as possible. We need tools that can open up and spread out the number of developers working on this blockchain and put their Web3 vision into place.

It should be developers building for developers, someone who can really abstract the complexity of the blockchain and can also understand the mass of developers — they don’t have time or desire to go into this complexity. With Authtrail’s future tools, we are lowering complexity and allowing the mass of developers to enter Web3.

If we look at Substrate, Astar, and many projects on Cosmos, it’s all about tooling, leading to adoption. Adoption will not happen until we have massive amounts of developers working on Web3 projects, where unicorns can get born and where problems get solved.

To point us back to the main differences between Authtrail and other projects on Polkadot, Authtrail is really hitting hard on the front end. While others are working on their protocol level, either smart contracts or operating on the node level, we are working on a level where you can write a static website. With one click, you can upload it and have an actual website hosted in a Web3 protocol or standard and start using it. Coming from someone who is in blockchain for a long time, it is refreshing to say today we can build a platform where the user logs in and uploads a folder of HTML files, and this is a Web3 website that actually works.

Maybe not everyone knows Web3, so let’s touch on some basics. What’s Gavin Wood’s vision of Web3? What will Web3 look like?

Nino: It’s hard to explain, there are several notes he wrote. It’s all about decentralization, privacy, and taking control. Every person on the internet will own their data and their communication with the apps. Imagine your own data in Web3 like having your own car. It’s like an isolated capsule of something you own, you don’t really share your car with someone random, and you travel around with it in private, that’s how I see his point of view.

Polkadot is the tool to bring us to the next stage of the internet, where everyone will be responsible for themselves, but at the same time, there will be a lot of benefits.

It’s very hard to say where we will end up. It’s like asking someone what Web2 will look like at the stage of the pinnacle of Web1. I’ve been in this game long enough to understand that we know where we’re driving but need a constant course adjustment to get there.

Why Polkadot?

Nino: Polkadot’s main vision is derived from Gavin’s notes, and he’s building Web3. If we’re catering to developers, Polkadot is the ultimate choice. When governance of the chain comes into question which can be a close call, we know the choice will go towards what’s best for Web3 adoption, not what’s best for the specific chain, the cost, the price speculation, etc. I’m in blockchain because of the technology, because of what Web3 will bring us, and how maybe the world will look like in 10 years because of it, and not so much about trading.

Different blockchains might react differently, that’s why blockchains have their vision and their description of what they were made for. And when you move across different blockchain websites like Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, etc., Polkadot is the one with the H1 title Web3. It’s their core version and I’m pretty confident if governance ever comes to this tight spot when it will have to be decided between something and Web3, Web3 will always win.

It might be a very simplistic way to look at it, but that’s my view right now. Of course, we can attach security, speed of transfer, cost of the transfer, etc., which probably everyone knows, so I don’t want to iterate on that. From the perspective of the chain which is governed by the token is very important to understand what is in the core vision and if the core vision is web3 and if you’re trying to build something in web3, then you’re aligned with this vision. And this alignment is very important.

And on the question of how the adoption will look like: the transition will be hard on users. I think there should be cross-chain community awareness that whatever project we’re building, we always have to think about the user who knows nothing about the chain and prepare it for them, calibrate our UI towards them and build around it. I think adoption will definitely happen, but we will have to break a lot of patterns in people’s heads.

A look back at the Community round

Touching Authtrail’s Community round back in April, when some users experienced payment issues due to the platform malfunction, Patrik announced details about the compensation process.

To compensate those clients affected by extra fees, Authtrail will provide each with 250 AUT tokens in return. If you encountered this issue, you are eligible to apply for compensation by filling out this form.

Tune in for more

Community calls are here to stay, so keep an eye out on Authtrail’s website regularly for the next one.

Watch the whole recording here.

To become part of Authtrail’s blooming Web3 community, follow our official Twitter profile and stay up to speed with important upcoming news.

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