APInf Analytics REST API design — looking for review

APInf is API management platform or API market place as some of our clients prefer to call it. It’s fully open source and same openness applies to our Platform API development as well.

Another principle is that what ever can be done with GUI, you can do it with an API as well

In previous post I described roughly the process we do platform REST API development openly. Here’s a pic of the process and details can be read from other post.

What’s the value of opening API design?

We have created the review process model for simple reasons. Here’s the most important reasons:

  • listen to our customers and their needs
  • minimize stupid errors for example in naming the parameters or logic
  • maximize developer experience satisfaction
  • increase API consumer engagement
  • ensure that we provide enough information for API consumers how to get started
  • minimize development costs (created by mistakes in design)
  • minimize onboarding learning curve.

Build own dashboard or monitoring service

We just finalized the initial design for APInf Analytics REST API. With it you can retrieve key performace indicator values and detailed performance details of your APIs in our platform.

With this API you can build your own analytics dashboard or inject the API performance data to other dashboards used by your organization. The request for this API came from our customers during the summer.

We do provide analytics dashboard for all customers, but we know that it does not fit all cases. Thus we provide Analytics API to data.

Analytics REST API open for review

APInf Platform provides means to give us feedback regardign the API design. Each API has API view in which you can find “feedback” tab. You can add your comments and requirements there. Our API -team will keep an eye on that!

Add your comments to Analytics API feedback tab

Note! The API is only in design mode. There’s no mockup API or functionality implemented.

Of course you can always send direct feedback too for example in Twitter @apinf_io. If want more direct contact information for feedback, check out contact details from https://apinf.com

All of the Platform APIs can be found from https://apinf.io/organizations/apinf