APInf Analytics REST API design & review done

APInf is open source API management and marketplace application. Solution supports both REST and MQTT proxies. You can have multiple proxies under one management. APInf provides you with a unified, simple interface for publishing your APIs to the developer community and performing complex API management tasks. It allows you to gain a better understanding of your API traffic. Each organization has an organization page which provides single URL to promote to developers. More information about the platform can be found from company website.

What ever can be done from GUI, can be done from REST API as well.

Manage your APIs via platform APIs

APInf is built on top of principle: What ever can be done from GUI, can be done from REST API as well. Previously we have finalized two APIs on APInf.

  • Catalog REST API — APInf Catalog REST API enables API management via a simple API. With this API you can list, add, update and remove (CRUD) the APIs in catalog.
  • Management REST API — APInf Management REST API enables Organization and User management via simple API. With this API you can add, list, update and remove (CRUD) catalog content, such as users of the service and information regarding API owner organizations.

Third API will be analytics REST API.

Get information about API performance

With APInf Analytics REST API you can retrieve general and detailed information about performance of your APIs. Normally analytics data is used to create dashboard — that is what we do.

Small portion of sample dashboard build-in to APInf.io

With Analytics REST API you can for example to monitor your API performance or export API performance data to external dashboard. API performance data is available on two levels:

  • KPI level (Key Performace Indicators). Summaries, e.g. number of requests, response time, number of unique users.
  • Detailed level. In addition to previous, e.g. trend compared between periods and data per day with more granularity.

Design-First approach - verified by external API consumers

Design was done during the fall. After that we published the design for broader audience. We waited for couple of weeks and then asked reviews from a few external heavy API consumers. Special thanks to Viljami Kuosmanen (Forbes featured hacker) and Jani Karhunen (API & Chatbot professional) for doing the API design review.

The whole Design-First approach used was introduced in previous post.

Analytics API design is out — always open for feedback

Analytics REST API is expected to go to implementation early 2018. API has been added to apinf.io service as design version. Take a look at it and give us feedback. Even though design for version 1.0 has been frozen, we take any feedback into account in the next version.