Developers say reliability is API’s most important feature

We take developer experience (DX) seriously at It is one of the key factors to consider in developing API value chain tools such as API management. Therefore we poll developer opinions frequently with different methods. One of the methods is Twitter driven micro surveys. Aim is not to make weeks long high amount surveys. Instead we aim to get quick indication of direction.

The last micro survey was related to selecting 3rd party API (N=16) and our question was: “What is the Most important feature for you as developer when selecting 3rd party API?”. Result was clear.

Reliability is the most important feature when selecting 3rd party API.

What can you do to increase reliability?

You can do a lot to maximise reliability of your APIs. First thing is to overestimate server capacity limits or use automatically scaling backend solution. Secondly, you should streamline database queries. Thirdly, create backup logical routes. When your organisation has plenty of APIs, it makes sense to enhance API reliability with API management.

API management to the rescue

Prepare for success. API management can help you with reliability in various ways. Here’s a few.

  1. utilizes cache which will reduce the burden of your API.
  2. You do not want your API to be down! We offer API monitoring, which automatically checks API’s health and alerts API owner if anomalies are observed.
  3. With you can also identify most used methods and optimize your API behaviour.

Contact us to discuss topic in details and lets increase reliability of your APIs together. In the meanwhile, try for free at