Open invitation to join platform and API economy focused growth group

Nowadays in the technology business we all need to keep up with technological advances and the systems are getting much more complex and multi tenant. Jumping into solving technology related problems or going forward with technology first approach does not result to best possible end-products or business growth. We need API and platform economy expertise and skills. Above all we need “API is a Product” perspective. For that reason APInf initiated independent APItalist network along side with technical APIOps community.

APIOps seeks to create tools and best practices to automate API development, engagement (developer experience) and management. APItalists are the business people who reason why APIs and platforms are build. APItalists understand how to make business with APIs. APItalists understand how to integrate services to maximize the returns and grow the API Economy. APItalists have at least a dozen new razor sharp API related business models in their pockets — every day. Junior APItalists might have just 6 models, but this is their network to learn and become true full-stack APItalists. The following is about APItalist side of the economy.

Target group — CIO, CEO, growth management

The platform growth group is directed at CIO, CEO and growth management staff in all sectors who are using and building digital platforms and APIs. Aim is to make more business together. As individual companies we will survive, but together we prosper. In Tampere we have strong ICT sector with top quality experts delivering value to customers every day.

APInf Oy focuses on API management and developer experience. Part of the API lifecycle management is handled by API management, but not nearly all aspects of it. We in APInf do not have daydreams of solving everything alone. We want to join forces and work as an ecosystem.

Platform economy requires a variety of skills

Customer cases in platform and API economy are wicked in nature. A wicked problem is a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize.

One company alone rarely has the skills needed to fulfil customer needs. In addition customers are getting more skilful and requesting companies to join forces to solve their problem. Joining forces also improves the quality of end products and services thus improving customer service and happiness in all levels. Its all about integrations between services and platforms. So we need broad thinking and breadth of various skills. Thus it makes sense to start local platform and API economy growth groups.

Local ecosystem with aggressive attitude

The growth group will focus on cases which use and aim to build digital platforms and utilize and grow API economy. Participants of the local growth group meet each other to discuss and spar each other. Anyone can bring a topic to the group.

All members are allowed to call in and participate a quick workshop meeting to discuss a topic, which might be a customer case. Another approach is that a company has build the technology but lacks ideas about business models. The case might be even a failed market entry. No matter which is the initial reason to bring a topic to the table, the group’s attitude is “Let’s make it work. Defeat is not acceptable!”

Lets pick our brains together and help each other to make more business and revenue. Let’s make it work. Defeat is not acceptable!

The group’s task is to assist each other in succeeding. Another purpose is to transfer tacit knowledge from API economy masters to novices and push Tampere based ICT expert companies forward. Our doors must be open to startups as well to enable renewal of growth group as we go forward.

Less redundant management — more action

Joining forces enables us to pick the needed skills from multiple companies and serve customers with less time, avoid doing duplicate work and waste resources. In some cases we see value in approaching the customer as joint group. In those cases willing companies in growth group agrees to put out joint offer. Joint offer reduces costs and redundancy in processes. Lets have an open mind and build big. We in APInf Oy are ready to train and share.

Join growth group now!

  • Join “APItalist” LinkedIn group. It’s our network channel and method to keep in touch.
  • You can also send email to us (Chandra Challagonda,; Jarkko Moilanen,
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