API disobedience — provide API to your data or someone else will

Some service providers that collect data from multiple sources (organisations and people) have decided not to jump to API economy. They have their data and custom built catalog or storage on top of it. An example can be web auctions services.

The world and service development have become something where you either provide the APIs or someone else will do so. When these two (hoarding data and APIs rule the world) are combined we start to witness more and more API disobedience.

Provide the API or someone else will. Embrace the disruptors who make API economy grow faster!

If the data is available in the web it can be scraped — easily or with moderate effort. Scraping offers tools to collect data for further use — build public API on top of it. This disobedience is not organisation driven, but mostly individual based.

Disruption has been used a lot in narratives for the past years. Disruptive companies have created new business models and changed the business in various sectors. Those disruptors do not always follow the law by the book, some even create practices which might be seen as illegal or nearly illegal .Yet those companies are praised by several.

This is what I would expect to see in API disobedience too. Embrace the disruptors who build API over data previously available only via web browsers. Embrace the disruptors who make API economy grow faster!