APIOpsLive Sunday Oct 1st — hands-on GraphQL

Jarkko Moilanen
Sep 19, 2017 · 3 min read

First APIOpsLive was a success! The story and recording is available in apiops.net — “Building an API from scratch”. During the session participants expressed interest to GraphQL. Thus we selected that technology as the topic for 2nd APIOpsLive. It took a while to find brave enough hacker to run the show, but we did managed to get one of the best! Our efforts were not in vain.

What is GraphQL and why should I care?

GraphQL is an application-level query language that helps clients and servers communicate by establishing a common protocol for queries. It represents an alternative to the REST (REpresentational State Transfer) style: unlike REST, GraphQL gives the client, not the server, the power to define what kind of data will be included in the response to its query.

By now it’s become very clear that use of GraphQL is on the rise. Countless businesses in diverse industries, from tech titans to lean startups, have expressed interest in the language.

GraphQL — something valuable for all

The session will have two parts. Since the GraphQL is still rather new technology for some, the first part (1pm-2pm) is introduction to GraphQL. The second part (after a small break) will be hands-on GraphQL and tools needed to work efficiently. In other words, this session will offer something for all whether you are an expert, novice or something in between regarding GraphQL technology. One of the tools used will be GraphQL Faker

This is the plan. That might change though since APIOpsLive is known to change focus based on the needs of the audience.

GraphQL Hacker: Ivan Goncharov

This time Ivan Goncharov is stepping on the APIOpsLive stage. Live coding is something that only confident hackers are able to do. You need to have razor sharp brains, ability to adopt to changing situations and overcome problems in code in short time. Ivan is such skilled hacker.

Ivan Goncharov has been working on API tooling under APIs.guru brand for the last two years. Together with his colleague they recently entered GraphQL world with tools like GraphQL Voyager and GraphQL Faker and are working on a few more at the moment. Dreaming about “intelligent” API clients.

Interactive live session Oct 1st at 12pm (CET)

Platform to be used is still undecided. Details will be added here soon.

EDIT: We will use Twitch, https://www.twitch.tv/e1goncharov

We also push details to Twitter with hashtag #APIOpsLive. Follow our Twitter account @APIOpsCycles to stay tuned!


APIOps Global Network for APIOps, a new breed of DevOps to…


APIOps Global Network for APIOps, a new breed of DevOps to support lean, business-oriented and developer friendly APIs

Jarkko Moilanen

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Platform of Trust DX Lead, APItalist (API Economy Consuntant) Founder of: @APIOps, API Economy Hacklab. Author of "API Economy 101" book.


APIOps Global Network for APIOps, a new breed of DevOps to support lean, business-oriented and developer friendly APIs

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