Even hotter after summer APIOps meetups in Tampere

Some of us have been enjoying summer at the cottage, barbecuing and jumping to lake after sauna. The rest of us have been busy building program for the second half of this year. In Tampere we have two meetups already booked and RSVP is open!

This is the moment our newly appointed Community Manager during summer, Nazia Hasan (follow in Twitter: @NazarahTheCat) will lead us towards interesting challenges and activities.

August Meet-up: IoT & Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

We will start the season with IoT, Chatbots and AI related talks on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

In the meetup, Reetu Kainulainen from ultimate.ai will talk about why chatbots are hard or are they only assumed to be. Come and tell us your opinions or step upon the stage, we have empty slots for you. After that we’ll take a look into API management dashboards that might emerge in the future. The new IoT dashboard will be presented by UX lead Nazia Hasan from APInf Oy.

As always, if you are not able to come to Tampere, you can follow the meetup presentations from APIOps Youtube. The link to live youtube broadcast and other details can be found from meetup.com. Don’t forget to watch previous presentations from APIOps Youtube Channel.

There is a great opportunity of winning one of the two MindTrek 2017 conference tickets if you participate in the August Session. More details about the competition will be announced later.

*** Check out the details — RSVP now! ***

September Meet-up: API Management & Gateway evening

September meetup is about API management. It will take place on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

We will have APItalist talk from Marjukka Niinioja (Digia) about the state of API management. Then we’ll have a session from Mashape about Kong gateway by Aapo Talvensaari, who is one of the developers of Kong. Afterwards, we’ll hear the latest advancements of 100% open source APInf — API management platform developed by APInf Oy. The last speaker is Mika Honkanen from Population Register Centre, who will talk about the National approach to API management (Suomi SDK, development portal).

At the end of the Meet-up we will announce the winners of the MindTrek 2017 Conference contest hosted by APIOps Network

*** Be quick! RSVP now!***