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FinBot Platform selected by Intrinio Developer Program & Google ChatBase: Bot Building & APIs Goes hand in hand

Amandeep Midha
Aug 16, 2017 · 2 min read

Couple of milestones have been achieved with limited minimal coded FinBot Platform in a short duration:

  1. FinBot Platform has been selected for Intrinio’s Developer Program for 6 months starting from 1st Oct, 2017. This means FinBot Platform team has now access to Live feed APIs of US markets for 6 months, along with exceptional mentoring support to build suitable product and complete PMF test with related data driven exercise.
  2. Also, FinBot Platform has been selected into limited invite-only evaluation program with Chatbase, which is Google’s initiative to evaluate different Chatbots available in market with suitable analytics supports.

I often joked earlier in my conversations that AI was existing 60 years ago. Supercomputers were also available. So why there is the buzz about AI and Chatbots happening now ? And then it became clearer to me that it is available with on-demand information, and availability of such data via APIs is adding fuels to such demands and dreams in this direction.

FinBot Platform team is reorganizing itself later in August 2017 with a new lead developer, a freshman designer, and four mentors. Very soon new announcements will be coming, as we look forward moving towards Insurtech initial demo bot building closure which was announced during April 2017 at Future Digital Finance Forum, Helsinki. There is also a possibility for making a trial skelton run at Copenhagen InsurTech Hackathon.

So at what stage a white-labeled bot solution offering company should have its own API Sandbox for its possible enterprise customers in Banking and Insurance ? I would be seeking some answers in this direction as well as in our journey beginning now with Intrinio’s numerous APIs.


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