Introducing new APIOps network manager Nazia Hasan and some tools

My role in tech oriented communities has been more like a midwife who ignites the community, creates initial structure and kick-starts activities as well as raises initial interests (timeline below). That’s what I’ve done for the past years. This is what I did with Global APIOps network as well.

Now it’s time for me to take one step back towards the background and give the mic for other singers. Future APIOps community manager is Nazia Hasan. Her introduction is given below.

Community in a nutshell

Here’s some facts about our community at the moment:

About community manager Nazia

Nazia is from Bangladesh and has been living in Finland for the past three years. Aside from doing her thesis from Tampere University of Technology, she is also working at APInf Oy as UX designer. Nazia’s area of interest is User Experience. She believes in empathy while innovating technology to provide efficient and optimized solutions for problems people face. She is focusing her work towards Developers Experience (DX) in Designing and Managing APIs.

She can be reached via Twitter (@NazarahTheCat) and LinkedIn. She will also be active on behalf of the community Twitter @APIOps.

Towards more organized and clearly defined community

We have taken Trello in use. It is used for coordination which is needed since we have more people involved in orchestrating APIOps activities. In addition to coordination, our Trello contains information about the community. We apply Community Canvas as guide line to define APIOps community. Canvas as boards in Trello contain items such as identity, experience and structure.

Transition with time

We will do the hand over of community management with time. We are colleagues at the same company and thus it’s easy to communicate things that come to our minds while doing the transition.

Am I dropping API economy totally? No! From now on I’m focusing more on ramping up APIOps sibling community APItalist Network (business oriented API economy network). I will stay active in APIOps Network, but now I have more time to focus on being midwife for APItalist Network.