Jarkko Moilanen
Oct 22, 2017 · 2 min read

For whom

This course is designed for business and digital developers as well as IT managers and architects who need to know more about APIs, API management and micro services.

Platform economy and digitalization require APIs and new operational models. With digitalization, business models are changing and organizations need to add new services into their catalogues such as interfaces to information and functional logic, API interfaces.

The biggest obstacle to developing APIs is the lack of common language, tools and methods. Solutions are needed to help business and technology developers, administrators, interface users, sellers, markets, and buyers. APIs are the bridge that combines business needs and designs with technical capabilities.

Two days of practical exercises

With the 2 day course you will do practical case exercises and learn through genuine examples of APIs and their development and management. Learn about APIOps Cycles methodology: how Lean Methods, Canvas Models, and the Minimum Viable Architecture method combined with API management tools and practices improve your company’s agility and efficiency.

You can continue working on the API solutions that you have modeled right after training. You will also get answers to the lessons, examples, and exercises about how API development takes into account security, privacy, legislation and other non-functional requirements, and how to manage them painlessly. Requirements will also help you understand what you should consider when choosing API management tools and why they are needed.


  • Why APIs are needed and how they relate to business
  • API and micro service development requirements from business and IT
  • Anatomy of an API: Business Needs to Technical Requirements
  • Interface requirements for an API considering API deployment and developer experience
  • API management: what is it and what is it needed for?
  • Designing the API and Micro Services Architecture
  • Security and data protection for API interfaces and micro services
  • API development as a continuous activity

Instructor Marjukka Niinioja

The course is taught by Marjukka Niinioja, Senior Consultant at Digia Plc, with 10 years of experience in both business and technical side of APIs and API economy. Marjukka has also been the driving force behind APIOps Cycles methods, which combine Lean thinking, DevOps, business needs and API management in to a tidy development cycle and promotes communication between parties.

Read more details in Finnish.


APIOps Global Network for APIOps, a new breed of DevOps to support lean, business-oriented and developer friendly APIs

Jarkko Moilanen

Written by

Platform of Trust DX Lead, APItalist (API Economy Consuntant) Founder of: @APIOps, API Economy Hacklab. Author of "API Economy 101" book.



APIOps Global Network for APIOps, a new breed of DevOps to support lean, business-oriented and developer friendly APIs

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