Lets try live API coding with Forbes featured hacker Viljami Kuosmanen

Jarkko Moilanen
Aug 12, 2017 · 3 min read

APIOps community is build around API driven activities. So far we have focused on organizing meetups in various cities. This time we’ll try something new and exciting. We will do live API coding with Forbes featured hacker! For updates follow hashtag #APIOpsLive and @APIOps in Twitter!

How did we get this idea? In APIOps community we listen to our community members. During Saturday afternoon Aug 12th Viljami asked in Twitter:

I instantly replied that I would attend and suggested API focus!

After that discussion went on in Twitter and eventually the date for the session was set! We will try this now for the first time. If it works and there’s enough interest, we’ll make it a habit.

First round — Aug 13th at 1pm (EEST)

The first #APIOpsLive API coding session will be soon — tomorrow. According to Viljami he will not only do API coding. He promised to include the planning phase to show how he designs APIs in real life as well. I would expect entertaining and educational session!

What you can expect from live coding session?

  • Lets have fun and relaxed forgiving spirit :) Anything else is a bonus.
  • 1–2 hours long session. EDIT: Viljami notified that his session Aug 13th might take 5 hours :)
  • Interaction happens via twitch.tv chat
  • Who ever is coding, is expected to speak out what is happening, to think out loud
  • Sessions might be recorded and stored to APIOps Youtube for later use.

Live API related coding sessions concept

Idea is to get developers to do live coding. Doing errors, finding & solving bugs and making mistakes are fundamental part of this activity! Lets have fun and learn at the same time. First bold API hacker to put himself on fire is Viljami Kuosmanen. If the first round is a success this might become part of normal APIOps network activities.

For APIOps this is perfect activity between the meetups. People get ideas, learn new stuff and have fun. Sessions might be recorded and added to Youtube APIOps channel.

Online live APIOPs coding sessions should focus on:

  • Live API development or
  • Live consuming of APIs in app development

Where does it happen?

How do I know when live coding events are?

  • Sessions are announced via Twitter, follow hashtag #APIOpsLive


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APIOps Global Network for APIOps, a new breed of DevOps to support lean, business-oriented and developer friendly APIs