Apigee X, State of the API Economy, Apigee Partner of the Year, and Where to Find More API Content

If you’re a regular reader here, you might have noticed that over the last year, we’ve published fewer articles in this space. This will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future — but that’s not because APIs have decreased in importance or because we’ve run out of things to say about digital transformation. We’re still producing articles and other content each month, and you can keep up with all our latest work by visiting the Google Cloud Blog, specifically this post about our top API-themed articles of 2020, and Google Cloud’s Forbes BrandVoice channel.

We’d also like to call attention to a few recent developments that may be of interest to our Medium readers.

First, Google Cloud recently announced Apigee X. An update to the Apigee API management platform, Apigee X further integrates machine learning and other Google technologies to inject even more security, intelligence, reliability, and scalability into API programs. You can read more about Apigee X here.

Second, Google Cloud’s new State of the API Economy report was released earlier this year and is full of unique insights generated by survey responses from hundreds of IT executives around the globe. One of the key top-level findings was that nearly three in four organizations continued their digital transformation investments during the COVID-19 pandemic, and two-thirds of those companies are increasing investments or completely evolving their strategies to become digital-first companies. Read the report here.

Finally, we’d like to recognize Partner of the Year honorees for the Business Application Platform, the Google Cloud solution area of which Apigee X is a core part:

Global Partner of the Year: Accenture

In 2020, Accenture’s impact cut across all geographies and industry sectors, ranging from major banks in Asia and Europe to telcos and healthcare companies in the Americas. Led by Norman Woodard, Senior Manager and Next Generation Application Development lead for the Accenture Google Business Group, the Accenture team was essential to serving our customers.

Regional Partners of the Year


  • Americas Partner of the Year: Accenture
  • North America Partner of the Year: PK
  • LATAM Partner of the Year: Near BPO
  • Americas Emerging Partners of the Year: SoftServe, Inc. and SID Global Solutions


  • APAC Partner of the Year: NTT Communications
  • APAC Emerging Partners of the Year: CloudMile, Softline, and Terem ANZ
  • APAP Game Changing Partner of the Year: Tangerine


  • EMEA Partner of the Year: Master Works
  • Northern Europe Partner of the Year: AppyThings
  • Southern Europe Partner of the Year: Nexworld
  • EMEA Emerging Partners of the Year: SoftServe, Inc. and Abacus

Thank you to everyone who has been reading our Medium articles over the last few years — we hope you’ll join us on our new channels.



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