Our Top API Articles of 2018

Apigee experts published over 50 editorials in 2018 — including dozens here in APIs and Digital Transformation — to help developers, IT architects, and business leaders understand how to maximize the value of APIs and keep pace with constant technological change.

With literally quadrillions of daily API calls connecting apps, data, and systems throughout the world, 2018 saw APIs reassert their position at the center of almost every digital use case. Though APIs are not a new concept, the ways in which organizations leverage them continue to expand, from APIs used within the enterprise to manage microservices and enable faster and more agile development methodologies to monetized APIs used to open new business models and expand an enterprise’s digital capabilities to new partners.

Here are some of our top articles from 2018, organized by some of the year’s biggest themes. Thank you to all of our readers, and stay tuned for more in 2019!


APIs are crucial to the automated connecting of data, applications, and systems — and when companies make automation easier for partners and customers, they often inadvertently make it easier for bad actors, too. Several organizations and their customers suffered through high-profile data breaches in 2018 thanks to API security lapses — which is why we dedicated several articles to helping enterprises make their APIs more secure. Some of our top security articles include:

Managing APIs as products

2018 saw more enterprise leaders recognize that APIs are not just an integration technology but also software products that help developers to more quickly and easily leverage and reuse digital assets. Enterprises should apply full lifecycle management and a customer-centric mindset to their API efforts. Some of the articles we wrote to help include:

Digital transformation, IT modernization, and digital ecosystem best practices

The digital economy moves faster than many legacy businesses are used to — and the constant change has meant that to compete, enterprises that lack API expertise have had to get up to speed quickly. From exploring why both external-facing and internal-facing APIs should be managed as products to detailing how to plan effective ecosystem participation and API monetization, we looked at many aspects of the digital transformation puzzle:


Because of the speed, scale, and agility they promise, microservices-based architectures continued in 2018 to be one of enterprise IT’s hottest topics. But despite the enthusiasm, microservices remain complicated to manage. To understand why APIs are an important part of the mix, check out Demystifying Microservices by Ruth Gantly in APIs and Digital Transformation.

APIs and banking

With new open banking requirements unrolling across many regions and fintech startups gaining traction around the world, 2018 was a disruptive year for bankers. From satisfying regulations to innovating faster and adding new ecosystem partners, APIs play vital roles in helping financial institutions to debut and iterate new services and helping legacy banks to compete in an increasingly fast-moving market. Some of our top banking articles from 2018 include:

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APIs are the de-facto standard for building and connecting modern applications. They connect applications to one another and to the data and services that power them - enabling businesses to combine software for new products.

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