APIS — Amazon Web Services Partnership Network

Sophie Ha
Sophie Ha
Jun 29, 2020 · 2 min read

Hello, this is APIS Team.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest and best cloud computing platform in the world. With its strong scalability, industry-leading infrastructure management convenience, and globally distributed regions, AWS offers a wide range of infrastructure solutions, including cloud computing services and storage services, and CDN. Many companies and developers regardless of field and scale are actively implementing and using it.

In addition to implementing AWS directly, various solutions developed by third-party companies using AWS also have advantages such as high convenience so they are actively used in the IT industry. Amazon operates the ‘AWS Partner Network (APN)’ to help partners that provide solutions that use AWS, to expand their business and attract more customers. Through APN, partners working with AWS enjoy cross-promotion and marketing benefits and provide a variety of solutions and services to clients around the world.

APIS Team has joined AWS Partner Network to effectively supply multiple blockchain solutions built on the AWS and now has been officially registered as a partner of the ‘Select Technology Partner’ level.

APIS Team possesses unique Masternode, PoS, and DPoS node operation/management technologies obtained through two years of successful platform operation, and is currently developing on-demand APIS Masternode & PoS services and blockchain node solutions using AWS infrastructure. When our solution is released, anyone can quickly build and operate the node of APIS Mainnet and other blockchain networks using AWS infrastructure.

Through AWS Partner Network participation and Select Technology Partner registration, we have been able to increase the accessibility and lower the entry barrier of blockchain instance services and solutions to be released in the future, and through the steady release of AWS-based solutions, we will do our best to help more people to conveniently build and reliably manage their own blockchain nodes.

Thank you.
APIS Team.

APIS Official WebsiteAPIS PLATFORM(apis.mn)

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Official publication for APIS, the world-first masternode…

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