APIS Core for Docker 2022 Released

Sophie Ha
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2 min readJan 7, 2022


Hello, this is APIS Team.

APIS Core for Docker 2022 is released.

APIS Core is an official full-node client of the APIS Mainnet and is also provided in various forms for different user groups, such as PC Wallet, Docker Image, and Amazon Web Service AMI. Especially, APIS Core’s Docker, a container-based virtualization platform version had lots of users since it can be executed on various environments without any platform restrictions.

We are now launching ‘APIS Core for Docker 2022’, which included a lot of APIS Mainnet user feedbacks. The new version contained the latest block data and installed updates that can reduce node construction time, so we expect APIS Mainnet participants’ convenience to be enhanced significantly.

Following are the details of the version 2022 update;

[General Updates (Latest version & Preloaded version)]

- APIS Core loading script changed to enhance node bootstrapping speed

- Applied the updated APIS BI

- Latest package installed, Log4Shell security patch applied

[Preloaded Version’s (block data included version) Additional Updates]

- A verified block data generated to 2021 Jan 6th was added on the Preloaded version (Block Number 11,923,700)

- Preloaded version’s install-to-sync time was reduced from 7–10 days to around 10 minutes.

[Additional Changes]

- Updated Docker Hub and Github Gist manual, following recent infrastructure trends

- Legacy version added (no block data, uses old version scripts)

- Preloaded-old version added (Block Number ~2,000,000, uses old version scripts)

APIS Official Page on Docker Hub (Manual Included): https://hub.docker.com/r/apisplatform/apisj

* As stated in the update manual, it is recommended to back up the private key and configuration file in case a problem occurs during the update. APIS Team is not responsible for any loss caused by mistake or unexpected error.

* If a problem occurs during the node update or installation process, please contact us through the APIS official community or e-mail, and we will provide technical answers.

We will do our best to make APIS Mainnet and its ecosystem grow continuously.

Thank you.

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