APIS Masternode Platform #1

Hello, dear APIS supporters!

Today, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of APIS Platform & APIS’s own masternode.

  • APIS platform can allow setup of any masternode, including its own

On APIS platform, users can set up a number of masternodes, including one for APIS. Users can select a coin of their choice within the platform based on ROI, time of return, and personal preferences.

In order to protect the assets of our users, APIS team will go through a selective process in order to list a masternode-capable coin on the platform.

Therefore, users can set up masternode of various coins including APIS on the APIS Platform.

  • No minimum requirement for setting up masternode on APIS Platform(except APIS)

One of the most significant barriers to entry to masternode investment is the number of coins required to set up a masternode.

For instance, Kevin wants stable reward through a DASH masternode. Kevin only has 100 DASH coins, however, and can’t set up a masternode by himself because the minimum requirement for a DASH masternode is 1,000 coins ($565000 worth of DASH according to coinmarketcap price on 12 Mar)

Using APIS platform solves this problem, as one can invest in shares of a masternode. There is no minimum investment, and the ROI will be identical to actually setting up a masternode. Therefore, APIS Platform allows shared investment on masternodes without their conventional limitation.

Putting this into perspective, Kevin can now set up his share of DASH masternode by using APIS Platform. 100 DASH would effectively give Kevin 10% share on a regular DASH masternode with 1,000 DASH, so his return would also be 10% of the total reward for a single DASH masternode.

  • APIS masternode with small minimum setup fee

APIS’s own masternode only requires a small investment.

The most basic form of APIS masternode, general, only required 50,000APIS*

(* Equal to 10 Qtum in value per the ICO price)

As the minimum entry fee for APIS masternode is negligible, there will be no “sharing” of APIS masternodes.

  • APIS Platform enables masternode setup without technical knowledge

Technical knowledge on coding and cryptocurrency is yet another significant barrier to entry for people wanting to invest in masternodes. In order to construct a masternode, a server upon which the masternode runs must be constructed as well. For a regular investor with no IT-related knowledge, this requirement is a roadblock. Even if one were to have sufficient knowledge of how to run a masternode, it still requires constant updates and care in order to be running constantly with a stable ROI.

With APIS Platform, investors can invest in masternodes of their choice with a simplicity of a few clicks. No technical knowledge is required, and investors only need to invest and wait for their share of the reward procured by the masternodes they invested on.

Thank you

APIS team.