APIS Pay Open beta Service launching

Sophie Ha
Sophie Ha
Jul 6, 2020 · 1 min read

Hello, this is APIS Team.

We are launching APIS Pay Open Beta Service on July 6th.

APIS Pay is a chatbot-based fast transfer solution that helps easy cryptocurrency transfer and payment, developed to lower the entry barrier of blockchain, which is the ultimate goal of the APIS Team.

You can use numbers of features including APIS Mainnet Coin transfer, account balance check, and transaction checking using simple commands on Telegram chat.

Transfer feature supports both normal address and address masking, and also prevented the possible risk of key hijacking and phishing by storing encrypted private keys into secure database.

During the open beta service period, APIS Pay is linked to the testnet, so APIS Testnet Coin, not APIS Mainnet Coin, will be given through Airdrop in APIS Pay features, and during the open beta service, you can experience APIS Pay with APIS Testnet Coin received by Airdrop.

APIS Pay is available on the Telegram and will support more messengers including KakaoTalk and WeChat.

Thank you.
APIS Team.

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