APIS wants to hear your voice regarding Bit-Z withdrawal normalization.

Dear APIS investors & supporters

We are revealing several options that we came across with Bit-Z regarding “Bit-Z Withdrawal Normalization” and trying to figure out whether or not the tokens should be distributed by taking votes in respective communities.

Below are several options that we came across with Bit-Z regarding.

Article NO3. (Relationship between APIS token distribution to Bit-Z and withdrawal normalization) 
The 100 million APIS tokens given from APIS to Bit-Z works as the deposit for APIS withdrawal normalization.

Article NO4.
Section 1. 
The 100 million APIS tokens distributed by APIS is from the supply that was scheduled to be burnt in the Presale Stage, and the execution of this measure requires announcement to the APIS investors in advance as well as their consent. 
Section 2.
The announcement mentioned in Section 1 will be carried out through respective channels in different communities, and whether or not the tokens should distributed will be determined by the voting result. 
Section 3. 
APIS token will be distributed only under the case that the majority of the respective channels mentioned in Section 2 agrees to the idea of token distribution.

In the case of 400 million APIS tokens returned to APIS by Bit-Z, 100 million APIS tokens will be burnt as planned.

Vote will be held in respective communities in Google Forms from 08/21 16:00(UTC+8) for 7 days, and the result will be announced on 08/27 16:00(UTC+8).


APIS will always do our best to reflect your voice when making such crucial decisions that require your opinion.

We place you at the highest place.

Thank you.

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