New Shared Masternode Launched — Horizen Masternode

Sophie Ha
Sophie Ha
Apr 8 · 2 min read

Hello, this is APIS Team.

After making a partnership with the Horizen Team, we discussed a variety of solutions that can connect both team’s blockchain ecosystems and create synergy. As a part of this cooperation, we have decided to launch Horizen Masternode as APIS Platform’s very first Shared Masternode product.

In contrast to the current ‘APIS Masternode’ products that can be participated with APIS and receive a reward with APIS or its cryptocurrency, users can participate ‘Shared Masternode’ products with its cryptocurrency and receive with the same cryptocurrency.

The launch date of the Horizen(ZEN) Shared Masternode product is April 8th. From the date, users can check out the Horizen Masternode product on the ‘Shared(Other)’ tab on the APIS Platform ( and participate in it using their ZEN to receive periodic ZEN rewards.

Based on the announcement date, the ROI of Horizen Masternode is 12.02%, which is higher than every Masternode and PoS product in the APIS Platform except for the Early Bird. There have been lots of participation because of the high ROI, so expect users can receive more rewards with this newly launched Shared Masternode product using their ZEN.

Also, to help anyone can freely deposit their ZEN and participate in masternode products, we will open Horizen(ZEN) deposit/withdrawal at the same time of product launch. Details including fees and d/w limits are described on the platform’s introduction page.

We are planning to add various blockchain incentive products in addition to the Shared Masternode/PoS products to the APIS Platform, and also have plans to conduct many collaborative projects with the Horizen team so please stay tuned for further announcements.

  • Currently, Horizen Shared Masternode, and Horizen(ZEN) deposit is only available on the APIS Platform website.

Thank you.


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