Platform Report #China

Sophie Ha
Sophie Ha
Jul 14, 2020 · 2 min read

Hello, this is APIS Team.

With the investment from large blockchain VC in China and multiple partnerships, support from local companies and China region marketing is conducted and Chinese user on APIS Platform is increasing significantly.

After our foray into the China market including Investment from VC and Ontology MOU is started in earnest, lots of Greater China users are joining the APIS Platform and visiting our official web page. Also, at the OKEx exchange listing on July 9th, we recorded the highest concurrent users count on the platform.

Accordingly, average users from China have increased around 3.4 times than usual, and Chinese members are increased more than four times in contrast to the last year.

We will further accelerate the global market advancing, based on the successful market development on the Chinese market.

Thank you.
APIS Team.


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