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Why did Apium pick Orange?

Trying to unveil the mystery of the colour orange

At Apium we like to get in to the details. Being a customer-centric startup in the software industry we start by studying the smallest requirements to create the final outcome of a highly intuitive product.

Honeycomb (Image source: Ion Ceban - Pexel)

We thought it is apt to start the blog of Apium with something small yet so significant for us. This blog post is about the colour Orange and why we picked it to represent us in our logo.

Orange is the new black

Orange is a warm colour and it belongs to the category of secondary colours. Secondary colours are created by mixing the primary colours. Orange is created by mixing red and yellow.

Yellow is associated with joy, positivity, light and happiness while Red is associated with danger, aggressiveness, love and romance.The combination of these two powerful colours - Orange is said to show and bring up energy, creativity, encouragement and determination.

If you are curious about the phrase ‘Orange is the new black’: it has been first published in the memoir of Piper Kerman. Black is a colour which is said to never go out of trend or out of style. So the phrase suggests that Orange would replace black, which is once again simply based on the book by Piper Kerman.

Apium on picking the colour

A bold colour

One reason, of course, is for its usual traits. Orange being a bold colour is easily noticeable. It has the ability to stand out and memorized better in the human brain. We wanted the clients to get attracted and simply retain us in their minds.

Excited to innovate

At Apium we are a bunch who actively find things to break standards only to reassemble in a better way — We like to disrupt, create and innovate. We believe the colour Orange shows the energy and excitement we have for whatever we do.

Last but not the least — It is the colour of the honeycombs!

If you notice the logo of Apium it is the shape of hexagonal prismatic wax cell in a bee hive. Orange represent the colour of a honey comb.

When talking about the logo itself, Chamath — one of the co-founders says the idea was formulated as it shows the importance of teamwork achieving a common target. Because, the beehive is one of the natures best examples to express that. The bees work together to create a wondrous creation — the hive to store its larvae, honey and pollen. Bees have been identified as an integral part of nature. Similarly, Apium is a place which nurtures new talents, creative ideas to provide innovative software solutions to the world.

The reason why this article is created is to show how much thought needs to go when coming up with a logo design for your company. The nitty gritty details do matter. As a company, Apium goes with the same mindset to provide the best user experience for their customers, with both products and services.

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