APIvista says, “Hello, World!”

chris busse
Aug 2, 2016 · 3 min read

I’m pleased to announce that our new company, APIvista, has launched! We are focused on helping enterprises leverage APIs to connect customers, partners and employees directly to their business processes — ultimately unlocking new business growth and efficiency paradigms. You can read all about us on our website, http://apivista.com — but we know there will be a lot of questions, so we’ve taken a shot at answering a few in advance:

OK, what is an API and why is it in your name?

An API is short for “Application Programming Interface”, but the term has transformed to cover a wide range of easy to implement web-based integrations that allow developers to rapidly connect applications together.

The explosive growth in APIs has been fueled largely by mobile application development, but they are seeing widespread use, including entire business models being built on the consumption of data and services over APIs.

APIs are at the core of successful cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and Microsoft Azure. Their growth is heavily driven by the ability to integrate to their foundation technologies and capabilities and build automated processes — directly and easily.

We think that APIs are transformative (and pretty cool)! We felt that forward-looking business and technology leaders are looking for someone who is as passionate about the possibilities as they are. Thus, we stuck it in our name.

Why did we decide to do this?

APIs are being published and consumed at astonishing rates, but many businesses are just beginning their journey toward opening a new and powerful channel to their customers and partners. Repeatedly, we have found forward-looking organizations who are trying to accelerate their adoption efforts — it is not enough just to create or connect to a resource. It is about increasing the speed and quality of the initial integration and then maintaining it throughout its lifetime.

Does this mean you are a development shop?

Nope! We deliver professional services to create the processes and infrastructure of a successful API or SaaS integration and we are just as interested in supporting these critical integrations and growing their adoption. Hence, our managed services approach to cover the entire lifecycle.

To be successful with an API, we feel that it takes strategic planning, development, infrastructure and support for the consumers of these integrations. It is not enough just to build the API and hope it will be adopted!

In short, we don’t write applications, we connect them and keep them connected!

Who is on the team?

A big opportunity takes a great team to be successful. We have assembled a leadership team with extensive experience in all aspects of the API and SaaS integration world. Our founders are:

Mark Wensell — CEO — 15+ years of cloud managed services, business sales and management

Chris Busse — CTO — 20+ years of digital program innovation and API technology strategy

Todd Nemanich — COO — 15+ years of development, business analytics and infrastructure operations

George Boatright — CFO — 30+ years of IT leadership, finance and business management

Who is your target customer?

We are looking for companies that have, or are soon planning to, embark on a program of “digital transformation”. It simply means, “take my business processes and open them up via APIs so that they can be easily connected to”. While everyone would like to drive more value for their customers, partners, employees and shareholders, we are finding the leading edge proponents of this strategy are already seeing gains and want to “do more”, “do it faster” and “do it better”.

Where are you planning to operate?

We are setting up headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. Our office is at 6423 Rigsby Road — strategically close to the locally famous Mekong restaurant. All of us live in Richmond and are committed to building another strong technology company right here in town.

What’s next?

Just as we are all about connecting systems, we believe in connecting with people too. If you can see a way that we could help a business on their API and SaaS integration journey, please let us know — we would love to meet them and learn more about what they are doing.


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Enabling API Success

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