APMecocard — More Than Discounts

Good news! A new digital instrument, APMecocard, has finally approached its final stage of development, which means you can already try it: get discounts or create your own discount program.

At the end of January, we shared with you our plans for the upcoming year — we were going to focus on the improvement of usability, APMboard Mobile, search of funding resources and APMecocard.

More details here: https://medium.com/…/what-were-planning-to-do-in-2017-3dca4…

Since that time, we’ve received (and been receiving) a lot of your messages, in which, besides your support and expectations, you’ve expressed your fears that we have terminated our work. We did say and keep saying that we’ve been working hard on the fair digital environment.

We weren’t wasting time. A year is a very long period of time, and during this year lots of things happened: we reconceptualized the system, achieved goals we set for ourselves, worked on correcting errors and now we’re finally ready to present you with the main result of our yearly work — APMecocard.

What is APMecocard?

APMecocard is a digital instrument, plastic-free loyalty card, which every owner of APMboard gets and which allows him/her to get discounts from businesses of his/her interest.

What concerns businesses, APMecocard grants them a unique opportunity to create their own discount program for a fixed price (selecting a suitable for their needs plan) and inform the participants of their discount program about discounts and other special offers.

Just discounts?

At first glance, it may look like APMecocard is just a contemporary way of informing clients about discounts. It’s not true. APMecocard is MORE THAN DISCOUNTS. It is a way of respectful, effective and mutually useful communication between businesses and their clients. It is a contemporary and eco-friendly solution, which allows getting rid of a lot of plastic cards (on average, every person on the Earth has 15 plastic loyalty cards but barely uses them). What is more, it allows getting rid of irritating printed and internet ads. Finally, it is what brings mutual use — clients receive information about special offers, save their money and find out about new businesses, while businesses can focus on both clients retention and acquisition.

We’ve conducted a survey to find out what you need. We were happy to find that both clients and businesses are looking forward to APMecocard, which inspires us to move forward and keep developing a tool that would be useful for you!

What do we believe?

We do believe that the world has changed, and yet the way we communicate has remained the same. There are no obstacles whatsoever for businesses and their clients to communicate respectfully and be useful for each other. However, a contemporary system, based on forcing, tracking, ineffective communication mechanisms and huge spendings, hinders the conversation.

We see two stages of evolution: #egolution and #ecolution. Everyone has to feel his/her value, arrive at the understanding that others — clients or businesses — are also people who can be useful for us. The next stage — #ecolution — is a shift towards a new way of communicating, which is effective and useful. That’s why we’ve created APMecocard.

I want to try APMecocard, what do I do?

We’ve already started testing APMecocard in our business laboratory — our own Italian brand shoe outlet LABAS ITALIA. Here’s a link: https://www.facebook.com/LabasItalia/

103 people already have been successfully using the discount system. Already 12 businesses from Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine have created their discount programs. And every day there are more and more of them.

Log into your APMboard on www.adpays.me, and in APMecocard programs section search for discount programs in your region or all around the world. Feel welcome to visit our website https://labasitalia.com/ and get actual discounts as well as information about other discounts and special offers. We’ll be happy to consult you if you happen to have any questions about APMecocard.

We’re going to prepare a series of posts about the need for APMecocard here and now, real results we’ve achieved and our search for funding.

Stay with us. We need each other. 
Together we can create the environment, in which there’s a place for everyone.

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