What we’re planning to do in 2017

This year is going to be difficult yet interesting. So, we want to share our plans for this period.

  1. Usability

We started this year with a new website design and we’ll do our best to improve the platform. When the user comes to our page, s/he is greeted with words “Welcome to advertising of the future”. Having chosen such words, we are obliged to provide users with a quality service.

For us, advertising of the future is, first and foremost, a new social model, free of negative. Advertising of the future is tantamount to useful advertising. There are NO technical, economic or social barriers to reallocate internet advertising funds and eliminate ineffective agents from the business chain. We believe in it and we hope that you — too.

There are 42 000 people from all corners of the world registered in our system. And if each of us puts at least some effort, we’ll be able to move a shaky fundament of internet empires and prove that every user should be rewarded for his/her time and attention. It’s not a story about money, though. We’ve been saying and will be saying that we’ve created not a new way to earn money, but a channel of fair, respectful and effective communication between the business and the user.

2. APMboard Mobile

Our main product, APMboard, which was only a prototype just a year ago, is a fully functioning product now. It’s been tested by both users and advertisers. We’ve also created APMchat, a mobile app, in which there will never be any ads. Facing contemporary challenges, we’ve developed APMboard Mobile — a mobile version of your own advertising own, where you’ll see different ads from those that are shown on your digital board.

We’ve shifted our focus from the ready product, APMboard, to APMboard Mobile. We’ll be doing our best to spread a word about it to advertisers. Once we start testing it, there’ll be fewer ads on a computer but more on a smartphone.

3. Funding opportunities

Things we do are costly. Programmers, testers, designers, translators, managers’ work costs a fortune. We do not receive any financial support from third parties — all platform-related expenses are covered by founders of APM Agentuur. Therefore, looking for funding opportunities is a must.

4. APMecocard

Also, we’re gladly announcing that we’ve started developing APMecocard — a virtual loyalty system, which will allow getting rid of numerous plastic cards and will make discount programs possible even for the smallest enterprises. It’s a crucial step, as in the contemporary world, where the main value is instant profit, we’ve forgotten about responsibility — for our beautiful nature, for future generations, for each other. We’re about to create a final ecological marketing environment, which will result in advertisers’ interest in the future.

If you have your own business, please, don’t hesitate to start advertising it. By doing so, you’ll prove that not only is fair advertising possible but is extremely effective as well! We need your help: if you believe that corrupted business relations can be changed and made fair, please, be this change! That’s what we’ve created our platform for.

Every day we work to make advertising of the future advertising of TODAY.

Sincerely yours,

APM Agentuur Team

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