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ANN | apM Coin X KLUBS (20 April 2022)

We are pleased to announce that apM Coin project, a blockchain customer rewards platform, has formed a strategic partnership with KLUBS — Klaytn-based NFT marketplace — to gear up for business expansion of its NFT service.

KLUBS is an NFT marketplace optimized for Klaytn(KCT), a project that aims to provide better user experience and convenience to all ecosystem participants like artists and project participants.Starting with the PFP(Profile Picture) listing in Nov 2021, KLUBS activated the art author registration system and it took second place in Klaytn DApp usage.

In addition, KLUBS successfully introduced a limited digital art edition and curation gallery. Based on the on-chain governance, KLUBS is striving to expand its own ecosystem while encouraging participation from various users.

apM Coin project successfully launched the blockchain-utilized mobile app ‘apM Members’ for the first time in the same industry to the Korea’s largest B2B fashion malls — apM, apM PLACE, and apM Luxe. Moreover, it provides ‘NFT Voucher’ service which can be used at apM malls’ facilities and 1,100+ wholesale brands.

Through this business partnership, the two companies will seek to expand their global awareness in the NFT business area and enthusiastically promote the diversification of the digital commerce platform range.

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