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ANN | apM Coin X Megaton Finance

We are pleased to inform you that apM Coin project of apM S&S, a company specializing in Web 3.0 rewards, has partnered with Megaton Finance, a TON chain based decentralized exchange(DEX), and has an initial liquidity supply.

Megaton Finance is an automated market maker(AMM) decentralized exchange(DEX) built in the Tone chain launched by full-stack blockchain technology company Ozys, and the only decentralized exchange built in the TON Network to complete a security audit at Certik.

Through this partnership, APM holders can store or immediately exchange oAPM in TON mainnet wallets such as TON Wallet, Tonhub, and Tonkeeper, and can perform yield farming through liquidity supply.

Furthermore, it is expected that the Swan project, an apM Coin rebranding project, will serve as a cornerstone to provide services to approximately 700 million Telegram users through TON Network and Megaton Finance in the future.

Megaton Finance Liquidity Supply Information

●Megaton Finance Website:

●Token symbol: oAPM (Orbit Bridge Ton apM Coin)

●Trading pair: oAPM / oUSDC, oAPM / WTON

●Date (KST): 15 Feb 2023

In addition, Megaton Finance will hold three events to celebrate this partnership. The event will start on 15 February 2023, and please refer to the following for more information.

1. Join Megaton Finance Community

●Join the Megaton Finance’s Community and receive MEGA!

●Event Period: Feb 15th 9:00, 2023 — Feb 22nd 14:59, 2023 (UTC)

●Rewards&Winners: Total 200 MEGA (5 MEGA each),40 random winners

●Find more details:

2. Send apM to your Crypto Wallet

●Keep oAPM in your TON wallet, and get TON!

●Event Period: Feb 15th 9:00, 2023 — Feb 22nd 14:59, 2023 (UTC)

●Rewards & Winners: Total 1,000 TON, First 1,000 participants (1 TON each)

●Find more details:

3. Megaton Finance apM Deposit event

●Deposit oAPM, get MEGA!

●Event Period: Feb 15th 9:00, 2023 — Feb 22nd 14:59, 2023 (UTC)

● Rewards & Winners: Total 2,800 MEGA, Rewards will be distributed by the size of your holdings and share of your assets.

●Find more details:

Thank you for your interest, and for event inquiries, please contact Megaton Finance’s official communication channels.

apM Coin Official Communication Channels

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Megaton Finance Official Communication Channels

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