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ANN | apM S&S X Megazone Cloud

We are pleased to announce that apM S&S, the Korea’s operating company of apM Coin project, and Megazone Cloud, a leading cloud MSP in Korea, have signed a partnership to conduct apM e-Voucher services in stable and efficient manners by adopting Megazone Cloud’s cloud computing services. Under the partnership, both companies will share their expertise in each industry to enhance capabilities of apM e-Voucher services, tailored for Korea’s largest B2B fashion markets. Additionally, the companies will expand their areas by sharing business networks.

Megazone Cloud is a leader of Korea’s cloud service market, providing its services to 3,700+ customers from startups to major companies across various industries including finance, games, entertainment, etc. Also, the company has continued to make a growth as a cloud-specialized IT company by forming partnerships with 100+ global IT companies, while enhancing its global presence with its international offices in the U.S., Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and others.

apM S&S is a Korea-based IT service company which has partnered with Korea’s largest B2B fashion malls apM, apM PLACE and apM Luxe. apM shopping malls, in which apM Coin project’s services will be adopted, have 1,300+ indie wholesale fashion brands; the malls’ daily transaction amount reaches about USD 13–18 million (KRW 15–20 billion) and the annual cumulative transaction amount is about USD 523 million (KRW 6 trillion).

apM Coin project successfully launched apM Members app customer reward management and NFT voucher service to apM malls’ wholesale brands and hundreds thousands of local and international buyers for the first time in Korea’s wholesale fashion markets. The project aims to make 10–20% of apM malls’ transaction amounts being traded in apM e-Vouchers on apM Members mobile app.

By this partnership, apM S&S plans to provide technical and service benefits for transactions between wholesale brands and buyers by managing stable and efficient e-Voucher services. To this end, we have been working with Megazone Cloud for a long time, and we hope that this will enable us to manage stable and efficient payment services and explore opportunities to strengthen our mutual business capabilities.

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