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apM Coin listed on Klip

apM Coin(APM) Project, blockchain-based cryptocurrency payment platform, is now completed token listing(registration) on the digital asset wallet service Klip operated by Ground X, a Kakao blockchain affiliate.

This makes it easier for apM Coin holders to store, manage, and transfer apM Coin through Klip App service. apM Coin holders can also manage their digital assets through Klip wallets which are linked with apM Members App. In addition, more than 1.6 million Klip users can conveniently access to apM Coin and they can easily and quickly purchase apM NFT e-Vouchers, the main service of apM Members App.

Klip is a digital asset wallet serviced by Ground X, the developer of the public blockchain platform ‘Klaytn’. Using Klip wallet service, it is easy to manage and transfer Klaytn-based tokens and NFTs. Also, it has high user convenience because it can be accessed through Kakao Talk, the largest messenger App in Korea.

apM Coin Project provides blockchain technology-based mobile App service ‘apM Members’ to apM, apM PLACE, and apM Luxe, the largest B2B clothing wholesale markets in Korea. All services of apM Coin Project comply with the relevant regulations. It also provides services that enable transparent transactions and payments, such as establishing an identity verification system. And also apM Coin Project provides apM e-Voucher that can be purchased with cash and apM NFT e-Voucher that can be purchased with apM Coin(APM) through apM Members App. These services are popular with wholesale shoppers who use apM Members App.

As apM Coin Project has expanded customer accessibility by listing on Klip, it will continue to focus more on improving user convenience and actively expanding awareness in the world.

apM Coin Official Communication Channels

Website | Telegram Announcement Channel | Telegram Global Community(English)| Telegram Korean Community (Korean)| Twitter



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