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apM Coin Token Distribution Information (As of November 3, 2022)

apM Coin(Token Symbol: APM)’s total supply is 1,812,500,000 APM and it is listed on global exchanges such as Bithumb, Bittrex Global, OKX and so on. Key information about apM Coin Project has been updated through the project’s official communication channels (Telegram official communities, Medium, Naver Blog (Korean language only)), CoinMarketCap and Xangle.

apM Coin Project has been distributing its token supply according to the White Paper and has posted its token distribution updates on the official blog last June 15th of 2021. On July 25, 2022, apM Coin Project announced that APM, which has been delayed in distribution, will be reflected in the distribution volume according to the vesting plan on the official Telegram channel. So, apM Coin Project would like to update circulating supply as of November 2022.

After October 14, 2022, the current unlocked volume of apM Coin Project according to the existing vesting schedule is 1,449,912,500 APM, which is 80% of the total supply. But the actual on-chain circulating supply is 852,500,000 APM. This is 58.8% of the unlocked volume.

The on-chain circulating supply of 852,500,000 APM includes all the buyback APM Coin(announced September 13, 2021, June 8, 2022 and September 15, 2022), project’s sales, LP deposits, partners & advisors, and tokens allocated for marketing activities. However, the actual circulating supply is much lower than the planned token distribution.

apM Coin Project will continue to make efforts for effective operation of business and sustainable growth of the project.

apM Coin Official Communication Channels

Website | Telegram Announcement Channel | Telegram Global Community(English)| Telegram Korean Community (Korean)| Twitter



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