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Sep 2 · 3 min read

South Korean society is known for its ‘ppalli-ppalli’ culture: the time-conscious culture pursuing speed and quickness in a Korean term. And apM, apM PLACE and apM Luxe — where apM Members app is planned to be deployed — are the places where you can experience this fast-paced culture in the depth of night. Particularly, the malls are extremely busy from 10pm to 1am. The malls’ aisles and shops are filled with wholesale merchants, buyer customers and bulk orders waiting for delivery. If you walk slowly just like you are doing eye-shopping in department stores, you would experience human traffic jams, seeing tens of people behind you trying to walk past. Considering these kinds of fast-paced culture in apM malls, QR-code scanning for instant payment and other services will be applied in apM Members mobile app.

apM e-Gift Voucher Purchase and Redemption

When customers purchase apM e-Gift Vouchers in offline service centres or pay goods with apM e-Gift Vouchers in the shops, they would use these functions by simply scanning a QR code with the app. Also, users would be able to send the e-gift vouchers to other app users by scanning the recipient’s QR code.

(Sample Screenshots: Paying with apM e-Gift Voucher)

e-Gift Voucher Settlement

When wholesalers in apM malls receive disbursement for funds paid with apM e-gift vouchers at apM e-Gift Voucher settlement desk, QR-code scan function will be used in this process as well. The apM malls’ first QR-code utilised settlement system will enable both the settlement desks and wholesale merchants to complete this process quickly and efficiently.

(Sample Screenshots: Settlement for apM e-Gift Voucher Payment)

Tickets for Free Shuttle Service

For customers’ convenience, free shuttle services are available between apM PLACE and apM/apM Luxe. QR code-applied services will be utilised in the shuttle service as well. Customers would need to issue a complimentary e-ticket for the shuttle before getting on it. This feature would allow apM Coin project to efficiently collect customer data for using the shuttle services; the collected user data would be used to enhance capabilities of apM shopping malls and their wholesale brands.

(Sample Screenshots: Free Shuttle Services)

Let us know if you want to hear about the closed beta version of apM Members through apM Members Spotlight article series.

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