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Sep 9 · 2 min read

As apM Members mobile app is planned to be deployed in Korea’s largest B2B fashion malls apM, apM PLACE and apM Luxe, its main users would be buyer customers, owners of wholesale brands and the brands’ employees. These target users are business persons in clothing distribution industry, which implies that practical utility is significant to capture them as active users.

Considering these features of the app’s target users, the app will adopt custom native app solutions, providing different services by user categories. In other words, apM Members itself is designed as one app that offers flexible services varied by users — customers, brand owners and their employees — and the different UX will be presented upon the user types. For these reasons, main screens of customers(left image below) and brand owners(right image below) are designed with slightly different contents.

The app services available to all users can be:

  • Buy, redeem and send apM e-Gift Voucher
  • Take free shuttles
  • Receive updates from a notification centre and check floor information

Aside from the services for all users, e-Gift voucher-related services for the malls’ wholesale brand owners and staffs will be activated. These services will be provided through the same apM Members mobile app that customers can use. The brand owners and staffs don’t need to download the additional mobile app or sign in to other websites. Once their user categories are set to the brand owners or staffs, the said services will be activated on their mobile app. The following image explains some major services offered to users by user categories.

(Major Services of apM Members Mobile App)

Let us know if you want to hear about the closed beta version of apM Members through apM Members Spotlight article series.

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