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Important Announcement to Enhance Credibility of apM Coin Project Ver2.

On 14 Sep 2021, apM Coin project made an announcement on the official communication channels about a drastic drop in price of APM, which occurred around the end of Oct to early Nov 2020.

➤ Previous notice: Important Announcement to Enhance Credibility of apM Coin Project

In Sep 2020, the people involved in the external listing fraud took 54,375,000 APM — which is 3% of the APM’s total supply — and maliciously sold off all of APM in the exchange. After apM Coin project confirmed the facts, we had purchased them in the exchange, in order to recover the value from the dramatic drop.

apM Coin project requested the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to conduct an investigation on the incident. However, the investigation of suspects has been delayed due to the aftermath of Covid-19 and we are waiting for a conclusion. The charges of some suspects were proven by the investigative authority, and this case was transferred to the prosecutor’s office with a charging opinion. We will also endeavor to ensure that the final results are released soon.

Additionally, apM Coin project is continuously conducting in-depth discussions to improve the value of APM holders regarding the all tokens we purchased in the exchange. To enhance the value of APM holders, this project transferred 54,375,000 APM to an external wallet and stored safely, which can be found on Etherscan. The wallet address is as follows.

● Wallet Address: 0x33c1c29A8063fB77B1694C23e91e6c4447660A1d

We will announce the 54,375,000 APM utilization plan with the results as soon as the final conclusion of the investigation is made.

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