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Important Announcement to Enhance Credibility of apM Coin Project Ver3.

As announced on September 14, 2021 and June 8, 2022, apM Coin Project purchased the entire amount of malicious volume(54,375,000 APM) which is 3% of the APM’s total supply and stored it transparently at the address(0x33c1c1c29A8063fB77B1694C23e91e6c447660A1d).

➤ Previous notice: Important Announcement to Enhance Credibility of apM Coin Project Ver2.

Although apM Coin Project has announced several times that the quantity is being stored safely to enhance the value of the APM holders, apM Coin Project has recognized that the unpredictability of the token’s use is creating anxiety through communities.

apM Coin Project will use the quantity in three forms: 1) Provide On-chain payment liquidity 2) User rewards and 3) Token Burn, etc.

● Provide Liquidity on Klaytn mainnet

Currently, apM NFT e-Vouchers are Klaytn-based NFT(KIP-37), and only OTC is underway through individual inquiries. apM Coin Project will provide $120,000 worth of on-chain liquidity to Klaytn mainnet to make it more convenient for certified apM Members App users to swap apM NFT e-Vouchers within the App.

The sources of the staking assets for liquidity provision are as follows.

  • KIP-7 APM: Utilize buyback funds
  • KLAY, oUSDT: Utilize company asset

After that, in-App APM&NFT swap, staking, and redeem of apM NFT e-Vouchers using Klaytn on-chain liquidity will be released sequentially according to legal and tax review.

● Utilize user rewards in the near future

It will be used as a reward pool for official activities and upcoming partnership events of apM Coin Project, such as on/off-chain staking, transaction activation, and excellent users of official service.

● Search for additional uses and burn apM Coin

After the on-chain liquidity supply and rewards are used, the remaining buyback APMs wiil be burned or used as additional means according to feedback from the project’s community.

apM Coin Project will continue to strive for seamless operation and sustainable growth of the project.

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