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Swan New Roadmap for 2023

Dear community members,

This project announced a rebranding plan for Swan on February 1st. Today, we would like to introduce Swan’s 2023 roadmap and the main goals of Swan.

Swan is a reward integrated platform that provides a proven solution based on apM Coin project and apM Chain Platform, and plans to carry out the project with the mission “Swap Anything” as follows:


2023 Q1

New Beginning

2023 Q2

Develop Core Product

2023 Q3

Service Expansion

2023 Q4

Business Expansion


Ecosystem Expansion

Preview White Paper

This is a short introduction to Swan’s main objectives, and detailed information on each item will be published in a separate article or white paper.

Multichain Token Swap

Swan Appchain

Swan P2P Payment Aggregator


Swan No-Code Widget

In 2023, Swan will move toward external service interworking and global ecosystem expansion based on our high technology and successful digital introduction cases of analog companies and Web 3.0 leap forward experience.

This roadmap is designed to provide information on direction, business model, technology, etc. to those interested in the Swan platform and SWAN token. This roadmap has been created based on the status at the time of creation, and Swan team does not guarantee that it is accurate or appropriate for anything, including the conclusions, timelines, and performance of the project in future roadmaps. The contents of this roadmap are subject to change depending on Swan team’s policy and decision-making based on market conditions and regulatory changes, and the effect of the latest version shall take precedence over the changes.



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