Meet the Apollon Team: Minh Ta

Each week, Apollon will be highlighting one of our awesome team members to tell their story and how they became involved with our company.

This week, I spoke with Minh Ta, our Technical Support. Read on to learn how he went from community member, to being a part of our team.

Amber: Can you tell me a bit about your background?

Minh: I grew up in Australia after my family migrated in the 80s. I attended Macquarie University in Sydney, where I received a Bachelor of Technology. Following graduation, I started working in the tech space and spent 18 years in various development and technical roles. In 2004 I founded my web design business. Currently, I live in Sydney with my lovely wife and two wonderful children.

Amber: How did you initially learn about Apollon?

Minh: I had been interested in masternodes for a while and started looking for strong projects to invest in. Through my research I came across Apollon and joined the community as a masternode owner.

Amber: What first excited you most about Apollon?

Minh: A lot of things excited me about the project when I first came across Apollon… the clear mission statement, and the NodeBuilder, that will make masternode setup extremely easy, got my immediate attention. When I joined the Discord group and saw that the Apollon developers were actively engaged with the community, I knew that I have found a great project that stood out from all the scam masternode projects that proliferate our industry.

Amber: How did you go from being a masternode owner to being a part of the Apollon team?

Minh: Having a strong technical background, I was helping the community a lot during the early days of a Apollon, mostly by providing support with wallet and masternode setup. I really liked the project and wanted to see it succeed. Helping the community was enjoyable for me.

One day, Chad posted in Discord that Apollon was looking for people in an official support capacity which sparked my interest. I contacted him to discuss the role and requirements. I then applied for the position and got the job.

Amber: Where do you think Apollon will make the biggest impact?

Minh: For now, Apollon will make the largest impact with the NodeBuilder. It allows non-technical people to confidently create a masternode, or multiple masternodes, without having deal with the technical setup that normally would scare them away. As tech support, I know there is definitely a need and demand for the Apollon NodeBuilder.

Furthermore, I believe that Apollon will make a big impact in the masternode setup niche. There are a few masternode setup services already available, however they don’t meet the potential of the Nodebuilder. I see the NodeBuilder as a power saw and the other services on the market as a hand saw. Using the power saw (NodeBuilder) does the work effortlessly and faster, compared to a hand saw where you still have to put in a lot of manual effort to get the desired outcome.

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