Update from Apollon CEO: September 19, 2018

The past few weeks have been a boom for the business! We now have 34 coins on the Apollon NodeBuilder and we’ve increased the size of our community by 20%! We are officially cooking with gas!


Update on our objectives:

1. Raise capital

We’ve had further meetings with investors around Vancouver, Seattle, Portland and Hawaii (yes, please!) this week. The investment environment for crypto is pretty tight right now (more details given in the video). However, the fact that we have monthly recurring revenues (which have been steadily increasing week after week) and a fantastic and supportive community, there has been gained interest from some of capital that’s been waiting for the bear market to end.

I am distributing updated weekly financial comparisons to my investor hot list which further the conversations each time. I can’t make any announcements around the raise just yet, but I will say that we’re on a positive trajectory and I feel confident that we’ll raise the funds we need.

2. Increase our monthly recurring revenues

You have likely noticed the increased marketing efforts over the past few weeks. We are happy announce that from these efforts we have noticed a steady increase in followers from our Twitter, Discord and Telegram channels. All together, we have brought around 920 people into the community in just the past few weeks. This is about a 20% increase in our community!

These new users come in at the know stage of the marketing funnel. The video that Chico Crypto did brings them further down into the trust stage of the funnel, and we’re working on strategies to increase the conversion to buy stage of the funnel now.

Marketing efforts will continue to grow as we have more interviews on both Youtube and on a variety of podcasts coming out in the next few weeks in order to introduce the Apollon platform to more users.

We are also running a masternode give-away campaign put on by our VP Projects, Adrian Redman, that has been attracting a lot of interest.

Enter the Twitter contest here!

We’re confident that continued marketing efforts like these ones will push Apollon forward enabling us to continue to meet our revenue goals.

Try out our Nodebuilder platform here

3. Add 100 coins to the platform.

As mentioned above, we have listed 34 coins on the platform, leaving only 66 listings needed this quarter to hit our goal of 100 coins. At our current rate, we should reach our target and we’re hoping to exceed our goal.

When looking ahead we will need to catch up to the total coin market listings of 460 coins currently — with 11 being added each week. This will take at least until Q2 of 2019 to reach but our team is working diligently to achieve this objective.

See some of our latest coins added to the Nodebuilder platform here

Thank-you to our community and to our dedicated team. Until next week! — The XAP Team

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