A Toast to New Beginnings — Day 1 — As Life Happens

Don’t you just love rainy mornings?

It is all about that blissful few seconds right after your mind wakes up, and before your eyes flutter open.

You are listening to the sweet sound of the raindrops on your window, cozying up to your pillow a little more before you open your eyes to a new day — and today, it just happens to be a Monday, and that makes you want to make your coffee a little stronger!

Every last week of December since 2011, I sat down and made two lists.

One list had every single memory during that year which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I call them my “Patronus Memories” (winking at my fellow Harry Potter fans!).

The second list was everything I need to do in order to have more of those memories in the coming year.

I know I know…, it just sounds like the most cliché thing ever. However, over the years, those two lists have helped me whenever I wanted a wakeup call to not get carried away, and to remind myself where my priorities should be.

- Write more in your Journal

In my second list for 2016, this was written right at the top.

2017 brought me so many fascinating memories stored only in my mind. Some of them are already getting a soft blur into them now — given that is just how the human mind is.

If only I took my own advice to document them more in a longer lasting way!

288 days have already gone by this year, but as a wise man once said, “better late than never!”

“As Life Happens” is a series of short journal entries in my quest to be more conscious, alive and proactive about this short journey we call life.

So today, I write about New Beginnings.

For the longest time, I believed that beginnings are all about starting over. That one must end, in order for another to begin.

It is after so many failed attempts to make sure that my beginnings are clean, and that they do not have traces of what I left behind, I learned that there is no such thing as completely starting over.

Every new beginning of your life is in some way or the other an extension of who you already are. And that is okay!

Some days it is easy to begin and to keep doing it until you attain the goal that you began it for.

Some days it is a little difficult, and you have to start over and over and over, fixing the loose ends of your abandoned attempts, until you finally get there.

The beauty of New Beginnings is that there is always that exciting rush of adrenaline mingled with hope whenever you start, no matter how many times you burnt out and lost.

It does not have to be your birthday, the New Year, the Christmas or even the 1st of every month, in this journey of life, you can have as many as New Beginnings as you want.

Today is 16th October 2017, a day as random as it could ever be, and I am marking the start of something that is very close to my heart.

Here’s to New Beginnings,


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